Designed for all managers, HR staff and anyone who needs to resolve conflict between others.

Workplace mediation, in most cases, repairs broken relationships and creates a healthy working environment for the whole team, enabling all parties to move forward with a focus on positive goals and with a clearly set out behaviour agreement for workplace relationships.

Why use mediation?

  • It’s rapid and inexpensive
  • For individuals or teams
  • Can repair and maintain workplace relationships
  • It limits damage and risk of escalation
  • Empowering – parties have “buy-in” to the solution
  • Produces sustainable solutions
  • Can boost team morale & reduce absenteeism

Workplace mediation involves:

  • a mediator-facilitated discussion between individuals or within a group to find a mutually agreed resolution
  • encouraging collaboration in order to find an agreement that is mutually acceptable for all parties
  • voluntary participation from all parties, who must show a willingness to be honest and open around issues that are currently being experienced in the workplace
  • It normally takes place when informal discussions have failed to come up with a solution
  • Each individual in the mediation, whether for two or a larger group mediation, meets first with the mediator—this allows issues to be fully aired, preparing the ground for the forward-looking group mediation meeting

Workplace mediation can help resolves issues including:

  • Disputes between employees and within teams
  • Allegations of inappropriate behaviour including bullying, harassment, and discrimination
  • Disputes stemming from absence, disciplinaries and returning to work
  • Disputes between leaders, decision makers and managers, at all levels
  • Disputes arising from change